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Hologram Hypnosis Method Practitioner Diploma Course

Revolutionise Healing with The Hologram Hypnosis Method


Are you a therapist looking to revolutionise your practice? Want to take your client’s healing to a whole new dimension?

Discover the Hologram Hypnosis Method (HHM), a groundbreaking approach designed by the renowned Dr. Karen E Wells. This comprehensive practitioner diploma course guides you to master HHM, delivering instantaneous change and profound healing for your clients.

To enrol in this course, you must have a knowledge of Hypnosis & Regression (enrol here first if not ) and you must have read the Hologram Hypnosis book and experienced the Hologram Hypnosis recordings.

Part 1
Unravel The Universe Within

An introduction to The Hologram Hypnosis Method

  • Introduction to HHM: Understand the Hologram Hypnosis Method and its distinct advantages over standard hypnosis.

  • The Holographic Model: Explore the fundamental model and learn how to use it as a practitioner.

  • ZPF, Atoms, Bands & Grids within the HHM model: Dive into the scientific basis of HHM.

  • Alpha State & Anchors: Harness powerful mind states for healing.

  • Practical Demonstrations & Practice: Engage with real-life examples and hands-on learning.

Part 2
Shape Your Client's Reality

Understanding the Hologram Model

  • The Subconscious Mind & the Hologram Model: Explore the connection between thoughts and reality.

  • The Client’s Energy System: Uncover a profound understanding of Chakras, Meridians, and more.

  • Clearing the Energy System Visualizations: Learn techniques for purifying and healing the energy body.

  • Practical Demonstrations & Practice: Get practical experience with expert guidance.

Part 3
Transform Lives with Advanced Techniques

HHM & Your Clients

  • Introduction to the Bands & Grid within HHM: Delve into advanced components for profound healing.

  • How to Work with a Client's Hologram Model: Gain mastery in manipulating energetic systems.

  • Instantaneous Change & Relief: Provide immediate transformation for various life issues.

  • Using HHM for Past, Present & Future Scenarios: Apply HHM across all temporal dimensions.

  • Practical Demonstrations & Practice: Further your skills with expert-led practice.

Part 4
Become a Certified Practitioner

Conclusion & Moving Forward

  • Recap of the HHM Course: Review everything you've learned.

  • The Power of HHM: Embrace the transformational abilities of this method.

  • Case Studies for Certification: Prepare to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

  • Accreditation: Become a certified practitioner with our recognized diploma.

Why Enroll in the HHM Practitioner Diploma Course?

Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Dr. Karen E Wells, a pioneer in the field.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from basic principles to advanced techniques.

Interactive Learning: Engage in practical demonstrations, practice, and hands-on experience.

Certification: Earn a recognised diploma and stand out as a certified HHM practitioner.

Continuous Support: Benefit from ongoing support and resources as you grow in your practice.

Are You Ready to Transform Lives?

Join us in this exciting journey and become a part of the next wave of holistic healing.


Unlock the potential to create instantaneous and profound change in your clients.

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