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The Hologram Hypnosis Method Book

The hologram hypnosis method has been taken from the concept of souls hologram. Using this Method, will allow the person to utilise the hologram by altering their brainwaves to work with any subject in their life.


The art of mind-mastery and be so excited that you have this newly found instant power that you want to use it to work with others.


Karen has spent decades teaching people about hypnosis and the workings of the mind. Like learning to drive a car, you need to know the basics of the mind’s mechanics before you can use it to its fullest potential:

1. The mind is a vehicle which converts energy into form.

2. The mind has an engine, and thoughts make it run.

3. You need to know how to use the levels of the mind accurately.

4. It’s vital to know where you’re going and how to get there.

If you just jump into a car and try to drive it with no training,

you’ll cause havoc on the roads and put yourself and others in danger.

Therefore, you need to go through the theory first. Once you have the

knowledge, then driving the vehicle of your mind becomes effortless!

The mechanics of this vehicle is called the Hologram Model.

The whole principle of the Hologram Hypnosis Method is built on this Hologram Model, and it’s set out as levels for ease of understanding.



There are a series of recordings that assist in working on the Hologram Hypnosis Method. The recordings go alongside the levels and are there for you to experience the theory and realise the workings of your mind.

These recordings will enhance your understanding and allow you delve deeper and experience the energetics of your own hologram.

These are purchased as a separate package from the book but are worth investing in, for your own experience and personal growth.

"The method you’re about to discover has transformed my life in many beneficial ways that have left me speechless, not just financially, but mentally and emotionally. I hope that you too will find the connection that I did and begin setting your course for success.


Above all, I sincerely hope that you end this book with far greater skills than when you arrived. Yes, this book also includes leads you to purchasing the recordings for a deeper experience of The Hologram Hypnosis Method, but more than that, I want to share with you this incredible discovery that i believe everyone should know! The world will be a better place because you took the action and landed right here, a place you’ve possibly been searching to find for years!"



This is unlike any other technique on the planet!

However, there is a process for you to grasp in order to work with your Hologram Model effectively:

  • How to find the Hologram Model of your whole energetic system and what the levels are.

  • To understand why the subconscious mind is only one part of the whole and other levels are just as active.

  • Navigate the mind through dynamic self-hypnosis without scripts, mantras, positive thinking or entering a deep state of trance.

  • How to set instant mind-change into motion!

The aim is to uncover and discover all the hidden facets of yourself, which move through your conscious mind without you knowing it. To believe you’re just a human who lives an average of 70yrs and then snuffs it, not knowing if there’s anything beyond this life, is the greatest error that plagues the human mind. There is far, far more to you than just skin and bones.

Many esoteric philosophies teach their version of the energy field of the human mind. However, the Hologram Model that you’re about to learn includes these teachings, and then some! It brings everything together in a way that you can experiment to receive the proof of the theory for yourself! 

Once you know, you’ll never look to another or to the outer world for any manifestations or validation of your worth ever again! The Hologram Model, along with self-hypnosis and instant access to your system, makes you a master of your own mind and circumstances.



There is a process to the mind which is built on specific mechanics, and you can discover them and consciously alter them once you know what you’re looking for. There is no reason to spend hours repeatedly training your subconscious mind as you can do it on-the-spot! The subconscious is only one aspect, and you can alter the entire mind instantly and just its parts. There are two levels to the mind: unconscious and conscious. The unconscious mind is where the power is. The conscious mind is the decider of the route. How to get access to the unconscious mind is where the Hologram Hypnosis Method comes into play! Once you know the secret to instant change, you’ll want to work with others and bring relief to their mind and life situations!

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