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Welcome to The Hologram Hypnosis Method

The aim is to uncover and discover all the hidden facets of yourself, which move through your conscious mind without you knowing it. To believe you’re just a human who lives an average of 70yrs and then snuffs it, not knowing if there’s anything beyond this life, is the greatest error that plagues the human mind. There is far, far more to you than just skin and bones. Many esoteric philosophies teach their version of the energy field of the human mind. However, the Hologram Model that you’re about to learn includes these teachings, and then some! It brings everything together in a way that you can experiment to receive the proof of the theory for yourself!

This is where it all starts...

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The Hologram Hypnosis Method Book

This book may be short, but it’s so powerful and revolutionary that we don’t need to use complex words or go to long lengths to explain the theory.

It’s brief, punchy, to the point and delivers what it says: instant mastery of your own mind to create the life you want!

The role as the author is to help you get the most out of the method.


Dr Karen E Wells has spent the past 20 years working to develop new programmes and techniques in Hypnotherapy and here is where you find the ground breaking book & courses that will change your life.

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